Sarah Baker, "Limousine," 2007, Photographic Series

“Limousine” is a fashion shoot for Vague Paper Magazine that documents an outing where I selected a small entourage- a bodyguard, a personal shopper, and a photographer, to do a little social experiment determining how we would get treated if we looked über posh while we went around to boutique hotels and shops on Bond Street in London, demanding attention and respect. The climax of the experiment was that we were served tea (all except the body guard, who had to keep sharp watch) at Partridge Fine Art, a dealership housed in possibly the grandest building in Bond Street, from where it has supplied the finest art and antiques to the likes of Queen Mary.


Jen Fechter
Matthew Holroyd
Anthony Gross
Isha Bøhling


Vague Paper Magazine Spread

Limousine Fly Posters, installation at 1,000,000 mph Project Space in London for "Salon" curated by Esther Windsor